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About Us

Main Problem

The RGV has many people that are in need.  Veterans, the Disabled, and the Hungry are looking for help.



RGV Helping Hands’ goal is to better the livelihood of RGV residents in need.  Wether it be accessibility for the disabled, food for the hungry, or assistance for veterans, we are committed to improving the general welfare of the RGV.

About us

RGV Helping Hands is a local charity from South Texas that was created to help those in need residing in the Rio Grande Valley.  Founded in 2014 by Domingo Gonzalez and Julie Vera, RGV Helping Hands is rooted in family values and proudly serves the entire Rio Grande Valley.

Become a Volunteer

Are you ready to give back to your community?  We have many opportunities available that will enable you to make a difference.